Exploring the Different Terms Applied Commonly in Air Conditioning Operations

An air conditioning unit is necessary equipment in any kind of house nowadays, for use especially during the months of summer. If planning to acquire one, you will probably need to have some basic knowledge of the various parts and functional applications of the appliance. This should enable you to experience the most gains from it and give some idea of how to proceed when perhaps consulting with a forest hill air conditioning service.

British thermal unit (BTU)

Cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs, which refers to the amount of energy needed for raising the temperature of a single pound of water by a Fahrenheit degree. The product specification provides details of capacity on AC models. It is normally represented as tonnage, where 1 Ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTU/hour.


The duct is primarily a pipe used for supplying, returning or exhausting air. When servicing systems for air conditioning in forest hill, maintenance experts usually ensure the ducts get cleaned and freed from any deposits or debris. Any clog present in the duct has potential of reducing AC performance.


The diffuser is a small part that can be seen on top of the duct work, whose function is distributing air in the directions required via some vanes. Forest hill air conditioning specialists for instance have capacity of conducting inspections of this and other critical components of any air conditioner.


The AC unit comes fitted with fans. Powered by alternating current (AC), the fans allow air to circulate properly inside the cooling appliance. Professionals in air conditioning Forest hill has currently offer various kinds of fans to replace faulty ones at reasonable cost.

Condensing Unit

Air conditioners have a condensing unit housing the motor, compressor and heat exchanger. It usually presents as a single unit that is normally mounted inside the room with evaporator being set on the outside.


This part of the air conditioner is charged with compressing the refrigerant with aim of enhancing how the entire unit functions and performs. Screw and scroll compressors are two common kinds in use today. The screw type compressor employs a pair of synchronized screws for compressing the refrigerant. A fixed and oscillating screw pressurizes the refrigerant in the scroll compressor.


The refrigerant is the substance which particularly helps to decrease the adjacent temperatures. What kind of refrigerant is utilized determines the efficiency, performance and eco-friendliness of an air conditioner. Ammonia, air, water, carbon dioxide hydrocarbons and fluorocarbon compounds are some of the refrigerants utilized commonly in air conditioning equipment. You may seek competent advice for your AC needs from a seasoned Forest hill air conditioning consultant today.


The accumulator is where the liquid refrigerant flows back after leaving the evaporator. It ensures the refrigerant does not reenter the compressor.

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