Four Common Radiator Problems That You Should Be Familiar of

If not for your radiator, your car would not function because it will overheat so much. This will not only cause delays for you but will also destroy your car eventually. Despite the importance of this part, a lot of people still disregard the fact that radiators need constant monitoring and one thing that you should know before owning a car. As a car owner, you should also know that car radiators can either be water based or oil based. So, before going to a radiator repairs Perth in Victoria Park, here are some common problems that you should be familiar with.

Thermostat failure

If you see a smoke on your car’s hood, most of the time it is because of your thermostat giving up on you. Although it is the usual culprit in these kinds of situations, it is not really a part of the radiator itself. Instead, it is the valve that controls how much coolant gets in the cooling system keeping the car in optimum temperature. When it fails to open, the coolant would not be able to cool the car down. The result, a breakdown.

Air bubbles in the radiator

It’s funny how something so primitive and simple like air bubbles can disrupt a sophisticated mechanical marvel like the radiator. Regardless of that, that’s how it is. Air bubbles actually disrupt the flow of the coolant that is inside the hose. Fixing it is easy if you know how to do it. You or the radiator repairs Perth in Victoria Park of your choice just needs to open it, let a few drops of coolant flow. And voila! Your car is fixed.

Leaking Radiator hoses

We all know that this is where the coolant passes through to get inside of your radiator. Without this, your car is probably in flames right now because of the excessive heat. So, when it leaks, it reduces the efficiency which makes your radiator heat up a lot faster.

Obstructions in the Cooling System

This is probably the most annoying cause of these problems. This is primarily caused by how much you neglect your car. Dust, dried up oil and other impurities are among the causes for this. The radiator repairs Perth in Victoria Park of your choice needs to open the whole thing and clean it. So, in order to avoid this, love your car even more. Good habits such as regular tune ups and checkups can avoid this disaster. So, don’t be lazy.

Water Pump Failures

Since everything in the cooling system is still mechanical, it uses a water pump to push the coolant through the engine so that it will not heat up. In short, if it fails, there will be no coolant inside the engine which can result to a complete shut down for your car because of overheat. Though this is normal because these things are made to last for not more than 10 years, make sure to have them checked all the time. As you can see with the problems stated above, it all boils down to being a good owner. So, be wise.

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