Home Emergency Essentials: 3 Things Essential for House Fire Accident Protection

House fires can start for many different reasons and can be especially fatal if they occur at night. If you have children at home, you need to start taking necessary precautions like natural ventilation systems and train them to safely and calmly leave your residence in case there is ever a fire.

Even with emergency response services doing a great job in your local area, the following tips will help your family get out while you wait for help to arrive.

Upgrade your Smoke Detectors

People living in older homes do not realize that smoke detection technology is extremely crucial for their survival. Older homes have older wiring, which can cause sparks with continuous use. Smoke detection technology is not the basic round plastic filter with a blinking light anymore. Along with your home’s natural ventilation systems, you need to install smoke detectors with sensors connected to your home’s alarm systems that can alert you on your Smartphone as well as emergency services in case there is a fire. By having checks in places like efficient natural industrial ventilation, damage to your property might be subsequently less.

natural ventilation systems


Great ventilation is like a home having a circulatory system. It flushes out bacteria, toxins, smells and carbon dioxide while providing you and your family with fresh air at all times. In the time of air conditioners, a home with great natural Airocle ventilation systems is always in demand. If you live near the coast or in the mountains, you should take advantage of natural light and air by installing things like natural industrial roof ventilation to keep your home or workplace cool.

Safe Exits

If you have taken necessary precautions for alerting yourself as well as ventilating your home or workplace with natural industrial roof ventilation systems, your next step is to install safe exits for you and your family. You can think about installing fire ladders that are retractable from your second story bedroom windows. Many of the electric ones come with sensors these days that can alert you when they are being used, so your children do not use it unless there is an emergency. This also allows you to sleep peacefully at night knowing no one can get in either. Ask your alarm company to install LED pathway lights. Otherwise discreet or invisible, it lights up the way to the various exits in your home if you need to escape at night. There are certain kinds of safety nets that can be installed on your roof, which can be deployed to catch you from the second or third storey of your home. In case you have children who are scared to come down, either wait with them till emergency services quickly arrive, or assist them by telling them not to look down. Keep your home’s upholstery as natural as possible. Synthetics cause a fire to burn faster causing greater damage.

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