Hot melt coating technology having wider industrial applications

Hot melt coating is one of the processes that have larger industrial application. This process is being applied in several industries like the textiles, packing, construction, graphic arts, furniture, automobile, sanitary products and in various other industries. In each of these industries, the hot melt coating technology is being put to several versatile utilities. For example, the hot melt graphic arts process is being used for processes like manufacture of corrugated boxes, book binding, manufacturing envelopes, bags, sacks and varieties of other products. The popularity of hot metal adhesives is such that it is estimated that in the next five years the demand for this adhesive would reach about US $11 billion!


Hot melt graphic arts


Increase the profit:

Every industrial process aims to streamline the production processes so as to reduce the overhead cost and thereby increase the margin profit. As you know, the hot metal coating and the hot melt graphic arts have quick drying qualities, hence, this technology of hot melt graphic has eliminated the necessity to invest money on buying specialized drying equipment.

Enhanced quality of products:

Further, by adopting the hot melt graphic arts you can also ensure remarkable improvement in the quality of the products. This in turn results in a longer shelf life. This procedure has also helped in effectively streamlining the production process and thereby it has helped in bringing down the overhead cost.

Importance of PUR binding:

As you know, every publisher gives due importance to quality of book binding because it enhances the life of the book. The modern hot melt binding has come as a great boon in this process of book binding. For example, the PUR (reactive polyurethane) binding is one of the popular forms of hot melt procedures. When this adhesive dries, it creates certain chemical reactions which in turn enhance the flex and pull strength of the book, thereby enhancing the quality of binding and also the life of the book.

Enormous heat and cold resisting capability:

Similarly, in the packaging industry the hot melt packaging adhesive is being extensively used for the manufacture of corrugated boxes, bags and such other products. The hot melt adhesive has the quality to firmly bond even the smallest area of the box. The adhesive can withstand heat up to 40-degree centigrade. Interestingly, it can withstand even freezing point as low as -40 degrees centigrade.

The art of gluing the labels:

Packaging industries make extensive use of labels to display the details of the product on the boxes. For this purpose the packaging industry makes use of labels having perfect adhesive qualities. In order to enhance the qualities of the labels, the manufacturers of the labels apply hot melt labelling glue. Normally, these machines are provided with two glue units. One unit distributes the glue over the container or the label and the other unit glues the overlapping side of the label. Thereby, both the sides of the label are effectively sealed.

These machines are available in different designs and with capacity to produce as many as 10000 to 60000 labels per hour. Of course, this depends on the type of machine you have chosen. You may visit popular manufacturers like who have an array of hot melt coating machines with several versatile features.

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