North Melbourne Storage – Different Customers, Different Needs

The concept of a storage facility being available around most suburbs is gaining popularity day by day. The latest to trigger this thought is the news that there are apartments being built in the Preston suburb of Melbourne which will be just 42square metres in size and will not even have a separate bedroom; just a foldable bed in the lounge. Now, how someone can feel comfortable living in such a small space is to be debated elsewhere; the residents will definitely seek some space in any North Melbourne storage facility to accommodate the excess stuff their household will have. The facility itself serves many different sections of the community and therefore, the patronising has also increased over time.


North Melbourne storage


Choose the Space to Know the Cost

If you wish to learn what kind of storage unit prices you might be required to pay, first you have to finalise the exact space you need. The North Melbourne storage facility usually has space beginning at 1square metre and then 2 and 3 and so on. You can pick up to 87square metres of space in different configurations. As mentioned, your need must dictate the volume of space needed and the storage prices can be worked out accordingly. The service providers go by their own nomenclature of small, medium and big to distinguish the space requirements. This might be based on their years of experience in letting out storage space and the way the public has been using them. The other way is for them to divide the overall floor space they have and then apportioning to different categories.

Look for Some Cute Offers

If you have been contemplating taking up some storage space and were a little indecisive about it, this might be the right time since many storage facilities will be running offers to attract new clients. You may find that you could get the first month’s Keilor storage free of charge or just a token 1 dollar fee. You will have to pay for the subsequent months. The longer the duration for which you hire the space, the better would be the deal you can work out with the facility operator.

Many Considerations for the Same Facility

While the type and quality of service provided by the North Melbourne storage facility are practically similar to all their clients, it is the clients who look at them from different perspectives. The reason for this is that each category of customers using the storage has a different need. Some look at the distance from the storage point to the port or Docklands if the stuff stored is meant to be shipped out from there. A small business owner would be keen to know how difficult or convenient it is for him/her to keep putting in and removing their stuff in the storage. This is how it operates and the benefit is derived by everyone.

There are other services you can avail from the storage service providers. You can buy the boxes and other accessories you will need to pack the goods meant for storage.

For any additional information, you can visit sites like and if you still have doubt you can call them and get them clarified.

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