Top Reasons Why Humanitarian Aid is a Great Opportunity for Medical Interns

When natural hazards and disasters and man-made crises occur, may lives are endangered. Most of the victims of such incidences end up in hospitals in bad health conditions. This puts more pressure to the healthcare facilities in the affected country leading to the medical labor shortage. This doesn’t mean that lives should be lost due to a shortage of healthcare services. Those training to become passionate medical professionals in various capacities should enjoy giving free medical services to save lives. It’s a form of humanitarian aid that maintains human dignity, alleviates suffering and saves a life. Although the medical trainees on internship programs are not remunerated for the services they offer, they benefit is other ways such as:

humanitarian aid

Making connections

Any volunteering work is a good opportunity to connect with other people from different parts of the world. Besides connecting with other health community members, a medical intern finds a mentor, life coach, and makes productive friendships. Moreover, medical volunteers make strong relationships with the patients, hospital employees, and patients’ visitors. It becomes easy to find good-hearted medical professionals who would eventually offer you a chance to job-shadow. For this reason, it is always good to be positive about any hospital internship program you get.

You boost your own health

Medical interns benefit a lot emotionally and physically from the health services they offer in a hospital or in any other medical care facility. Those with an indisputable passion for healthcare services are happy with every medical service they offer to the patients. The joy of the services they offer makes them lessen their own heart disease symptoms, decrease chronic pain, combat depression and renew creativity. Moreover, those on a medical internship program also attend educational programs within the hospital to learn how to deal with different health issues.

Career opportunities

One way to learn more about likely careers in health care is through volunteer opportunities in hospitals and medical care centers. A volunteer who is out to offer medical humanitarian aid in a hospital usually interacts with the hospital nurses, doctors, dentists and other medical professionals. For instance, if you want to volunteer in a radiology department, you may get exposed to radiology equipment and procedures you didn’t know before. This means you would be able to operate high-tech radiology machines that your college-mates in other places may not operate. Once you have shown undeniable interest in any department as an intern, the hospital may absorb you once an opportunity occurs.

Medical insurance

Some hospitals offer insurance cover to volunteers who happen to have worked there for a while. This means you could go for any medical treatment without being charged. Some public and private hospitals also extend the insurance coverage to the wife, husband, and children of those volunteering in a medical facility. A health condition that would have cost you much to treat would be treated with no charges. It’s actually one of the benefits that some of those in hospital internships enjoy as they look forward to an employment opportunity.

Nothing good you do will ever go unrewarded. The best time to show how compassionate you are is being involved in any humanitarian aid activity. Most of the patients you serve in a hospital at night when no other doctor is available would always be grateful for your selflessness. Moreover, medical volunteering teaches you that life is more important and valuable than money.

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