We are in a holiday mood and maybe you are feeling a bit lost as to a choice of a vacation destination. Worry no more. The world has numerous areas that you can spend the holiday. Today I want to invite you to a country consisting of numerous islands, beaches, mountains and a historical heritage of a kind. Welcome to a Fiji experience!

What makes Fiji stand out?


Fiji has more than 300 islands making it the most spectacular area to visit in the world. The islands, surrounded by palm-lined beaches and coral reefs with clear lagoons are spectacular to watch. Nothing explains the marvel of the universe than a Fiji experience when one observes the clear manner in which the islands lie. Besides, the country is located in South Pacific with a tropical climate all round the year. This environment means the weather is conducive for a holiday throughout the year.

Multilingual inhabitants

Holidaymakers often worry about the language used in their area of interest. Fiji presents a country with residents speaking fluently in three languages. These languages are English, Fiji Hindi, and Fijian. These dialects are understood by a large number of people worldwide.

Great sites

The rugged landscapes with great heights are sites to behold. Observation towers have been set up to view the Pacific harbor and the sleeping giant zip line in Nandi Island. Also, persons out on a Fiji volunteering experience walk through the Garden of The Sleeping Giant enjoying the scenery and the heights.

Heritage sites

Fiji is proud of owning numerous traditional locations, jealously guarded for decades. Tourists are advised to walk through the rough terrain to enjoy a full Fiji experience. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes, the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park, and Momi Battery Historical Park are some of the areas with deep Fijian heritage. These sites have a legacy strongly embedded in every Fijian heart. For instance, The Koroyanitu Park has the trek that the first Fijians used while entering the island. Read more at Involvement Volunteers International


The islands have many superb hotels and resorts with world class services. The Fiji beach resort and spa is top rated with over 2000 reviews. Most hotels are rated as either excellent or splendid. These ratings guarantee outstanding experience wherever accommodation is secured. You can book a hotel of your choice and pay online to avoid any inconveniences. Most hotels are affordable with charges ranging from $120 to $300.

Water sports

An exploration on the clear blue water is a must for every holiday maker in Fiji. Jet boats and tall ship cruises make the holiday an unforgettable Fiji experience. Trips organized to transit tourists from one island to another are fun to ride. Some of these tours could take up to a full day. These journeys make volunteering experience in Fiji a lifetime treasured venture.


Modern day terrorism has intruded across all countries. Even the most sophisticated security check-ups have not succeeded in preventing these attacks. Fiji has never experienced any terror attack on its soil. Therefore, while planning a trip to enjoy Fiji experience, your security is guaranteed.

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